A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Ever caught yourself screen cheating?

Think you're a good gamer? Think again. Control three characters on three different screens all at the same time. Dodge obstacles like a boss, but watch out, you have to keep all three characters alive.

Controls are limited, and it only gets harder the farther you go. How long will you last?


CopyCat.app.zip 33 MB
CopyCat.zip 30 MB


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Hi ! This game was very fun I enjoyed it ! But three jumps it's not a lot ! What happens after the houses ?x)

I'm not very good but I did a short gameplay on this game:

Sorry for the late replay, I have not been monitoring the page very well. That will be changing soon. If you press the tab key, all three characters will jump and it doesn't take away from your characters' individual jump counts. Maybe you can find out what is after the houses with that bit of info.

I gave this game a shot but I could never get very far without running out of.. jumps? I could never really tell. It really seemed like a fun idea but I could only get so far and then I died because I couldn't jump anymore.

Either way I did a let's play of the game:

Thanks for the comment and Let's Play! We made this game this past weekend for the Athens Game Jam, so we only had 48 hours. You can jump all three characters at once by pressing tab. That doesn't take away from your individual character jump counters.